Tidbits 6

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Yo'mamma's so fat...

  • When she wears high heals, she strikes oil
  • She's got more rolls than a bakery truck
  • She has her own area code
  • When she goes to the ocean the whales start singing "We Are Family."
  • When she goes running she leaves behind potholes
  • When she sits around the house she sits a r o u n d the house
  • When she puts on her X-Files t-shirt, helicopters land on her back
  • She plays pool with the planets ... "earth, corner pocket"
  • She jumped up and got stuck
  • She uses a VCR for a beeper
  • When Aladin saw her butt, he thought it was A Whole New World
  • She has more chins than a Chinese phone book
  • When she went swiming in the Ocean, Spain claimed her a whole New World
  • When she was walking down the street, she saw a school bus go by and yelled "STOP THAT TWINKY!"